We went to a park in Toyota City near our friend Mayumi's house before we had dinner and went to a movie.

Mayumi and Ashley walking down the road toward the main festival area.

The trees basically created a canopy of cherry blossoms, very beautiful.

The park was next to a dam and this is where the water was being released, it just looked cool to me.

Sakura everywhere!

Some very pretty pink blossoms.

This is what people do, they set out blue tarps to claim space and they sit, eat, drink, and have fun!

Some parties are big!

Ashley and Mayumi discussing different cherry blossom types.

This was a very old machine that heated rice under pressure and then exploded and made puffed rice, like Rice Krispies, it was neat!

Mayumi and Ashley with big puffs of cotton candy. They actually had flavor, Mayumi had strawberry and Ashley had melon!

This is what I had for lunch, a chicken filled pita, it was good.

It started raining and these people were ready!

Spring is time for everything to come back to life, this is a Japanese maple. In the fall these leaves will be a brilliant red!

A really cool bridge in Toyota in the distance.