Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Us with a Whale Shark model, the main attraction at the aquarium.

Regular freshwater otters playing around.

A Sea Otter, they are much bigger.

Some very large freshwater fish.

Emporer Penguins

Crown of Thorns Starfish

Some realy nice corals, not a lot, but some nice pieces.

White Bellied Dolphins

Drinking some water!

Not sure what kind of fish these were, but they were completely still in this angled posture.

The Whale Shark, it can reach up to 12m in length ... the largest fish in the world.

A Manta Ray, another large fish, up to 6-8 meters from tip to tip ... the largest ray in the world.

A nice little shark.

The one tank with all the stationary fish from before also had lots of octupi in the tank as well ... I had never seen that many before in one tank.

They were really active also, the first time we had ever seen anything like this.

A diver going in to feed the shrimp, lobster, octopi and other fish some small fish.

This colorful fish appears to walk across the sand when it isn't swimming.

A baracuda ... this tank holds 5,400 tons of water!

The Sun Fish ... we had never seen this fish before.

It is feeding time, both the Manta Ray and Whale Shark only eat krill!

This tank had thousands of these fish just swimming in circles, I'm pretty sure there was a current in the tank as well.

Large Spider Crabs ... very creepy.

READ THIS ... It is an explanation of the acrylic glass used for the main tank, 1 fact, it used more than 1.5x of the worlds annual output of acrylic!