Noriko dressing Jonathan in his yukata.

Noriko explaining the different sides of his obi.

Suck it in babe!


My obi

The finished product...many hours of sewing went into those!

Mike and Michelle...she got his done just in time too.


Singing to get the party started.

The main dishes...everything was good!

All of the food and drinks.

A matching game made with shells ... Noriko hand made this set herself.

Aww, they match!

Hana and Maya tying their wishes to the bamboo tree.

The bambo tree with all the wishes attached to it.

The fireworks, the girls loved them.

Rae, Maya, Hana, and Emmy having a great time with the fireworks.

Ruddy showing Luca how they work.

The cute matching family.

They were very smokey.

I think that they were going for a lightsaber dual.

The pretty lantern in Noriko's garden.

The party's inside!

Tea ceremony.

Noriko and Daiichiro playing with Anook.

Playing games.

The party hosts with everyone in yukata.

The rest of the yukata class.

Noriko, Daiichiro, and us.