A-ri-ma-tsu ... Arimatsu

Sample pattern

More samples

My large handkerchief all folded, clamped, and ready to be dyed.

The pattern that I was going for.

The teacher, Noriko, Alix, Christine, Michelle, and Caroline working on their projects.

Caroline concoting hers.

They had to get out the big clamps for hers.

Noriko's before dye.

Caroline's before dye.

They soaked them in water before we dyed them.

One of the 3 buckets of indigo. It didn't smell very nice. We held them in there for 5 minutes then 4, then 3.

Caroline and I dying our scarves.

Alix and Noriko

Michelle and Christine

Michelle's finished product.

Caroline's finished product.

Everyone's turned out pretty good. They took a group picture for their website also.

Noriko's finishd product.

Alix's finished product.