Japan is home to eight Hard Rock Cafes.  We have been to seven of them (after we took this trip).  Although we went to four, the only one we had not been too yet was Narito Tokyo.  Here is a map of Japan and all of the locations.  We still have to get to Fukuoka which we plan on doing before we leave.  We also decided to take this road trip in July because I get double points on my HRC Japan point card during my birthday month.

Here are some pictures of our day.  We also went to Naritasan Park in Narita ... we had to do something a little touristy rather than just going to Hard Rock Cafes all day long.  Oh, the other funny thing is we didn't eat at any of the Hard Rocks, just bought t-shirts, pins, and other merchandise.

The fog on the mountains on our way to Tokyo.

Low clouds rolling off the mountains into the water.

This is a view of the expressway in Tokyo. Most of it is 2 lanes and it's literally routed through the buildings!

The Tokyo Tower.

The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo.

A city view of Tokyo.

Some interesting buildings in Tokyo.

Tokyo Disney, you can just see the top of the castle over the left side of the red thing building.

Narita Tokyo Hard Rock Cafe, it is actually in a large mall.

A map of Naritasan Park.

There were only 5-10 other people here and it was very peaceful and quite.

There were tons of koi and turtles in the pond.

Ashley and I in front of the water.

In front of a neat gazebo that sat over the water.

A large stone lantern. This type of lantern (only smaller) are very common in Japanese gardens.

Cool land and aquascaping of a stream running from one pond to another.

A stone pathway

Naritasan Calligraphy Museum. We couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was very interesting and we saw several beautiful scrolls, hangings, etc.

Another crazy building in Tokyo, now we are coming from Narita and going back to Tokyo.

This is a picture of the navigation system in our car, take a look at this intersection!

Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki Tokyo.

A big King Jim binder on top of a building. King Jim binders are like Avery binders in the U.S. It's nearly the only kind you can get.

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Roppongi, it is famous for King Kong on the side of the restaurant.

A crazy sculpture in Yokohama.

Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama ... it is also located in a large shopping mall.

You see this all the time, people on motorcycles just drive between cars in traffic, I don't think it's too safe.

Another one, we did catch some traffic coming home in Tokyo, and I guess this is one of the advantages to having a motorcycle.