Some co-workers from TMMK came to Japan on a business trip and since we (Mike, Ashley, and I) were planning on going to this festival and fireworks show we invited them to come along.  We got to Gifu around 4:00 p.m. and got to the Nagara River around 30 minutes later.  The crowd wasn't too bad, of course we didn't really get into the middle of everything either.  The fireworks started around 7:00 p.m. and we left around 8:30, around 15 minutes before the end to try and beat most of the crowd ... it worked.  Here are a bunch of the pictures I took, oh yeah, this firework (hanabi) show is one of the largest in the 3 prefectures around Nagoya, they shoot off approximately 30,000 shells.  I'm not so sure what Thunder Over Louisville shoots off, but I also know it is in 30 minutes, not 1-1/2 hours or so.

Rob sportin' his G-Unit shirt.

Tony giving Ashley some bunny ears.

The crowd is starting to form on the opposite side of the Nagara River.

Gifu Castle

A view from one of our resting spots before the fireworks started.

They had some fireworks before the sun went down and they had different color smoke or die inside, it was actually kind of neat.

There were many yukatas everywhere, but these ladies also had some interesting makeup to go along with it!

Our view point of the fireworks.

"Ladies, have you ever met Tom Cruise!"

More of the multi-colored day fire works.

The first of many traditional fireworks ...