Mike, Bryan, Ashley and myself enjoying some food before the we go to the fireworks.

Ashley with one of the cute little girls at Akemi's family's house.

Walking to central Okazaki with Mike, Bryan, Ashley and Sasaki-san's wife

The reflection of fireworks in a building.

People were just sitting in the streets!

First, we went to the main bridge that crosses the river ...

needless to say, it has the best view point, but the police were everywhere telling people to keep moving and not stop ... we eventually moved.

So they were shooting fireworks off in two locations so it was really cool to see fireworks in two locations simultaneously.

Purchasing some drinks at a vendor on the street, nice mustard colored change purse Mike!

The last shots before the rain, which started as a drizzle and then simply turned into an absolute downpour!

By the time we got back to their house we were soaking wet, Ashley got a new shirt and was pretending to have no fun! Maybe she wasn't pretending.

Mike, Bryan, and Sasaki-san (ex-TMMK coordinator) drying off and changing shirts.


So when it started to rain, it was no big deal, I kept shooting some more pictures, but it eventually really picked up and there was big lightening and lots of thunder.  As we watched for a little longer and saw lots of lightening with the fireworks, we thought it would be awesome to get a picture of that ... it's just something you never see.  When I got home and was looking through my pictures it never even crossed my mind that I could have gotten a picture with lightening and fireworks because I put my camera up before the lightening started ... or so I thought!