Everyone lined up to enter the safari zone first thing in the morning.

Ashley is excited that we woke up at 4:00 a.m.

Mt. Fuji and a clear blue sky ... a beautiful site so early in the morning.

Fuji Safari patrol #1, keeping the animals back.

Resting his head on a rock, still trying to wake up.


Some of the adolescent lions away from all of the adults.

Ha, ha, I got your leg.

He just finished his morning swim.

Ashley almost hit this tiger as he crossed the road because she was watching the others ... who can say they almost hit a tiger?

A nice view of the elephants and Mt. Fuji.

Warming his wings in the morning sun.

Never seen that before, let's see, maybe 6" from the car!

There were lots of babies all over the park.

A baby zebra and camel.

A morning wade in the water.

A baby kangaroo.

Kangaroo boxing.

This little feller had a University of Louisville hat on!

Aww ... so cute!

Some cool looking mushrooms on a log on the 2.5km safari walk.

Feeding the lions from the safari walk ...

a little different view than from a safari bus.

They have a new hippo exhibit

Ashley is taller than Fuji-san!

and, I am just barely taller.


It is hot!

Getting some food.

Now whatcha gonna do?

Move, I dare ya!

Our turn to cross the street!

The baby is tired from all of the days activities.