The origin of Tezutsu Fireworks is said to have started in Higashi Mikawa District of Aichi Prefecture.  Another story of the origin is in Yoshida Shrine in Toyohashi City.  The fireworks started as a part of ceremony in the festival to celebrate the deities and these events were top priority for the local residents.

The crowd of people waiting for the fireworks.

There were 5 groups of people who had large wooden structures and they carried them from the back of the arena to the front.

Small tezutsu fireworks ...

Some sign that was lit up by fireworks.

There were 8 of these large signs by companies that lit up through the night at different times.

The large tezutsu ...

There were normal fireworks also, I think they lit one of the signs, lit normal fireworks, then people from the sponsor did tezetsu fireworks.

These things are shooting 25 feet in the air!

After about 20-30 seconds, there is a big explosion of the final bit of gun powder explodes ... what is happening with the 2nd and 5th guy.

Another sponsor

This was just so cool!

This guys just finished blowing up the final bit.

a view of the crowd ...

The sparks are just falling on these guys when they are finished!

Look at the size of the fire ball at that guys feet!

I think this type is one of my favorite normal Japanese fireworks ... it explodes and then colored sparks shoot off in different directions.

The Giant Windmill is a 4 cannon type firework fixed to timber frame 2m long, atop a 5m high central pillar. The force of the fireworks rotates ...

the frame to produce a giant fireworks windmill 20m in diameter.

The next 16 pictures are a sequence of the tezutsu fireworks ...

You can see a guy at the bottom of the screen on the platform hosing down it and the surrounding areas. They did this every so often.

A firework net.

The crowd enjoying the firework net.

The tezutsu finale were large tezutsu style fireworks being shot from the wooden structures brought in at the beginning of the night.