Last year we went to the Seto Mono Pottery Festival.  We enjoyed it quite a bit so we decided to go again with our friend Masako, her mother and some of her friends.  Besides the crowd we had a great time and enjoyed making pottery again this year.  Jonathan didn't make any pottery but Ashley had her hand at using a pottery wheel this year and she really enjoyed it.

The outside of the pottery shop where we made pottery.

Getting an explanation from sensei.

Kneading the clay, it's not so easy.

Unless you are a professional potter.

Getting ready to make pottery!

Getting started.

Ashley making a very lovely ... bowl?

Bowl number two.

All of their finished products.

Ashley's 3 and 1/2 (she made a bottomless bowl) pieces of pottery.


A view of Seto through some of the houses on the side of the hill near the pottery place.

A very blue roof, these tiles are made of clay!

After we were finished we went to an eel restaurant and enjoyed some really good eel!