Adventure World Shirahama

Lions sleeping in the morning heat.

A white tiger.

Safari Tour Carts.

The Kenya Train.

Adventure World is very close to the coast so it was very windy, but humid and random rain showers.

On our Sky Adventure bus tour.

A view of the park from the Safari tour.

Water buffalo trying to stay cool.

Now this is interesting ... it is smokin' hot and these girls have on tobagins, winter boots ... it is all about the look not the practicality.

Panda Land ... they are very proud of their new baby twins.

Mommy and ...

the twins.

One of the other male adults.

Yummy carrots.

Climbing up ...

and up ...

and now tired!

Now it's time to go down.

The dolphin show.

Some Commerson's dolphins ...

It was pretty neat that they were in the same tank as the penguins.

The didn't always get along ... this one actually had the penguin's tail in his mouth!

OK, it is only 11:00 a.m. and these 2 already have a beer in their hands.

Again ... not practical.

Another cool first time experience for us in Japan.

Ashley shaking a dolphin's hand.

Jonathan shaking a dolphin's hand.