Shirasaki Ocean Park  White strange limestone rocks shows an exotic attraction on a small peninsula hanging on the blue ocean.

Shirasaki Ocean Park

Really cool looking white limestone.

The early morning sunlight was really bright.

The shade is better.

Lots of cool rocks sticking out of the water.

Another very cool looking rock.

Not sure what all goes on here, but there were 2 large boats and there is also a submarine ... very neat.



Engetsu-to Island  This is the symbol of Shirahama and as the central part of the island has been opened by the sea water, it is known as "Engetsu-to Island".  Formally is is called "Takashima" which is a small island floating on the ocean of Rinkaiura with it size of 35m east-west, 130m north-south, and 25m high.

Ashley and I decided to walk out on these rocks and take our pictures.

Well, it was a good idea until we realized that the tide was coming in fast and the rocks were slippery! Ashley got wetter than me!

Ashley and I in front of Engetsu-to Island.

This is where we walked out to before and took our pictures.

A view of some of the coastal hotels and inns in Shirahama.


Senjo-jiki Rock Tableland  This is a place of scenic beauty where large base rocks spread in the shape of a slope which reminds us of a large rock floor.  The large base rocks are consisted of white soft sandstones, showing its magnificent scenery created by the erosion of washing wild wave.