Kenroku-en Garden (兼六園, Six Attributes Garden), located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, is an old private garden developed from the 1620s to 1840s by the Maeda clan, the daimyo who ruled the former Kaga Domain.

Along with Kairaku-en and Koraku-en, Kenroku-en is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. It is open year-round during daylight hours and famous for its beauty in all seasons.

The garden is located outside the gates of Kanazawa Castle where it originally formed the outer garden, and covers 114,436.65 mē (over 25 acres). It began in 1676 when the 5th lord Maeda Tsunanori moved his administration to the castle and began to landscape a garden in this vicinity. This garden was, however, destroyed by fire in 1759. Its restoration was begun in 1774 by the 11th lord Harunaga, who created the Emerald Waterfall (Midori-taki) and Yugao-tei, a teahouse. Improvements continued in 1822 when the 12th lord Narinaga created the garden's winding streams with water drawn from the Tatsumi Waterway. The 13th lord Nariyasu subsequently added more streams and expanded the Kasumi Pond. With this, the garden's current form was complete. The garden was opened to the public on May 7, 1874.

The garden was named by Matsudaira Sadanobu at the request of Narinaga. Its name was derived from the "Chronicles of the Famous Luoyang Gardens" (洛陽名園記), a book by the Chinese poet Li Gefei (李格非), and stands for the six attributes of a perfect landscape: spaciousness, seclusion, artifice, antiquity, waterways, and panoramas.

Some of the leaves had started changing there colors already.

Pretty Ashley!

and there's Jonathan.

Together. This was the busiest spot for pictures in the whole garden.

Japanese maples starting to change colors.

The tedious task of manicuring a Japanese garden, we have seen this at several gardens and they do a wonderful job!

The sign for one very cool looking ...

pine tree.

I love all the streams and water in Japanese gardens.

Ashley on another bridge.

This maple tree is growing sideway right out of the side of the ground.

It rained and it rained hard!

Some kind of bird on top of this tea house over the water.

We ate lunch at the place on the far right, but this was the first opening in the clouds we had seen since we were on the road that morning.

Kanazawa Castle from across the street.

More pictures while we got 10 minutes of sun in the afternoon, it was our 3rd time walking around in the garden.

A nice view of the city, the garden is actually locate on a high point in the city.