The main purpose of our weekend trip with Noriko and Daiichiro was for Ashley to try on a 12-layer kimono.  She tried it on at Itsukinomiya Hall of Historical Experience (what a name)!

Ashley getting dressed in one of the several layers of the 12-layer kimono.

They do not use 12 individual layers because the weight would be nearly 40 pounds!

And it would take much longer to dress than 15 minutes.

The next 7 pictures show a progression of Ashley being dressed in the kimono.

Finally finished, the ladies bow to Ashley and Ashley to them.

Doesn't she look like a princess? I think so!

Noriko and Ashley

All of us with the princess.

This is the building where the kimono wearing is held. There are also several games and other hands-on stuff for visitors to learn about and do.

Ashley in a person carriage. It is very small and the princess would sit on her knees the entire time she was in the carriage.

A shell game that we played at the Tanabata Party back in July.

The paintings on the shells were beautiful.