On Halloween Noriko coordinated for a group of us to go to Tokoname, a little pottery town near the airport.  We met at Kanayama a little before 9 to get to Tokoname around 9:30 to make Ojizosan, walk the pottery walk, and of course shop.  Ojizosan is a little, usually ceramic/pottery, doll that is supposed to be the protector of children and travelers.  We really had a good time that morning making our dolls and everyone's turned out so good...surprising us all!  After we finished our dolls and shopping at the shop we started toward our lunch spot stopping to shop and talk along the way as we walked the neat pottery walk.  The pottery walk goes all around Tokoname back in the little neighborhoods and in and out for neat shops.  Everywhere you go are examples of motainai, where you don't waste anything and find another use for things...very Japanese and makes such an interesting and unique town.

The cute little shop where we made our Ojizosan's.

The Sensei.

All eyes on the Sensei and how he's showing us how to make the Ojizosan.

Step 1: The body...did I do it right?

Step 2: Head. Step 3: Attatch the head to the body.

Step 4: Use your thumb to make eye spots.

Step 5: Make and attatch the ears.

Step 6: Decorations for the Kimono.

Step 7: The arms.

Step 8: The kimono sleeves

Step 9: The eyes

Everyone admiring Daiichiro's big Ojizosan.


Step 10: The mouth

Step 11: The final touch...the 'Third Eye'.

Erin and her cute Ojizosan.






The class, Sensei, and our cute Ojizosan's.

Some of the many Ojizosan's in the cute little shop downstairs from the class.

One of the old kilns on the way to lunch. It isn't in use anymore.

A new use for some of the old ceramic pipes that used to run underneath the town.

Mineko-san explaining about the old ceramic pipes that used to be used.

Another use for the old pipes. It makes a very neat pathway.

They are very motainai in Tokomane reusing as much of the ceramic as they can for something else. It makes this a very neat and unique town.

Using the pipes for a nice little retaining wall.

Everywhere you walk there is a new and neat way to use old pottery.

A neat old little street on the way to lunch.

Another neat old kiln next to the restaurant.

Everyone ready for lunch!

The cute little menu in the little restaurant.

My yummy dessert...banana cake and milk jelly...YUM!!

Everyone outside a shop before Erin had to leave.

A neat fish tank.

Another one.

The biggest tea pot that I've ever seen! It was really neat.

Hurry up Daiichiro!

Another neat wall.

I think that this is one that one of the schools nearby helped to make.

Please don't let your dog poo on this pretty tree.

This was a line up the wall of ceramic packs of cigarettes. It's supposed to be promoting quiting I think.

Basically Tokoname's Good Luck Cat Street...these are pottery cats for various things so you will have good luck/fortune.

There were many of them, it was really neat because it was like they were coming out of the wall.

The Japanese ladies explaining the meanings to Kathy and I.

This one is for beauty.

This one is for a safe pregnancy and safe childbirth. They said that I needed one of these.

This was the neat wall inside the train station outside the bathroom.