We took a ferry across Hakata Bay to Marine World Uminonakamichi. 

The Fukuoka Dome and the JAL building from the ferry.

Our cute little ferry that we're taking over to Uminonakamichi Marine World ... aka an aquarium.

The Fukuoka Tower in the background.

The the skyline of Fukuoka city from our ferry. We had really nice weather and a beautiful sky.

A better look at the dome with the JAL building next to it instead of hiding it.

Some cute little houses on one of the little islands we passed on the way to the aquarium.

It was a bit windy and bumpy so I had to hold on so I didn't fall!

Pretty sky and ocean.

Palm trees!


The aquarium is the home of 20,000 marine organisms of 350 species.

The outside of Marine World. It was neat right on the water. You could see the dolohin show from outside!

One of 3 Megamouths on display in the world. This is the only famale one found.

They're really quite ugly.

Things that the research team did with the body.

A fun sea turtle. There were several just laying around/floating but this guy was swimming around and seemed to like the camera.

Some crazy looking Fukuoka fish.

Jonathan had the bright idea that I crawl under there for a picture. Well it was difficult for me to bend and twist under there. We had a good laugh.

The large display tank.

This is how thick the acrylic for the main tank is!

A real oarfish.



Pretty path and palm trees.

Too much walking ... tired!


Some different views of Fukuoka

Coming into the harbor on the ferry.

Pretty and strange flowers we saw.

What's up there?

The canal and business district.

A fun column of a building.

A fun peace sign and hawk statue outside the Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome.

Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka ... #8 on our journey in Japan and the final one!

A big shopping area near the canal. They were doing water shows to music that was fun.

The upstairs part of the shopping center.

Some of the water/music show ... I think this one was to an Austin Powers song.


Saturday we went to look at the more Japanese things in Fukuoka ... temples, shrines, gardens, castles, etc.

Tocho-ji Temple

It had a really nice garden area. We were the only ones at this little temple in the middle of a busy street.

It had a nice pretty wooden gate to enter into.

A dragon on the roof tiles of the gate.

Another dragon on the roof.

Shofuku-ji Temple description.

The main building and the pond area in front of it.

One of the outlaying temples on the main temple grounds.

Another neat roofline.

This was a neat wall on the way out of the temple. You can see that they used whatever materials that they had to build protection.

Hmm ... Jeans and Westen?

A small little shrine that we saw on the way to another one that had a pretty sign and tree. He had to take a pic in it since it was reflective.

The entrance to Kushida Shrine.

Each year they turn the dial to the Zodiac animal of the year and that is the lucky direction. This year is the Wild Boar and next year is the Mouse.

A big sacred ginko tree. It was really pretty and HUGE.

One of the pretty buildings on the grounds of the main shrine.

A really pretty pond and fountain. We really like this one ... maybe some day we'll have one like it.

They had some nice big koi in there too.

It was neat because the water splashed on this rock so it kept the other rocks moist enough for moss and that one spot where the water hits doesn't.

One of the smaller shrines with pretty torii gates leading up to it.

This is one of 40 similar floats used in the Yamakasa Summer Festival. Each year 40 new floats are designed and made by a doll maker. Each year...

...after the festival all but one float is destroyed. One is always displayed here. They take one item from each float for good luck.

It is the most beautiful float we've ever seen and is very intricatly decorated. It was really big!

While we were there there was a wedding ceremony taking place. The bride and groom are in the center with their families next to them.

It was also around the time for Shichi, Go, San (7,5,3) for the children. Here are 2 cute little girls we saw dressed in their beautiful kimonos.

Where we ate lunch. It was the neatest McDonald's we had seen.


One of the famous landmarks of Fukuoka, Fukuoka Tower.

The Fukuoka Tower. It's the tallest seaside tower in Japan with the observation deck at 123 meters up. It is built to withstand up to 141 mph winds!

We thought that it was more but it's just an elevator shaft! Apparently a lot of people get married here up on the observation deck.

Going up.

The beach from the observation deck. There was a beach volleyball tournament going on.

That's where we took the ferry from the day before to go to the Marine World.

They have a lot of weddings there in that little like town on the water.

The JAL building and behind it is the dome.

A neat building nearby.

Back down and outside the City Library.

The leaves were starting to change on some of the trees making for some pretty pictures.

There was a little stream running all along the path in front of the tower.

Jonathan playing with the turned leaves in the pond.

We found a nice little park to rest in and eat some oranges that we bought earlier. It was just a beautiful day.

Why is there a Gorilla coming out of that building?


Ohori Park

This is a description of Ohori Park ... it was beautiful!

The map of the park. We went through the water on the little bridges and islands.

A footless pigeon that sat still for Jonathan to take pictures of.

I was so bummed that we couldn't paddle boat around the park that I had to have some ice cream to cheer me up. It was YUMMY!

The first bridge to go across through the center of the pond.

About halfway through there were these stakes up and the birds loved sitting on them and were kind of noisy. That is a cormorant in the middle.

A tree full of cormorant fishing birds.

A pretty bridge on the other side on our way to the Japanese Garden.


Ohori Park Japanese Garden

This was a Japanese Garden next to Ohori Park. It was the most beautiful garden we've ever been to. It was just perfect and so peaceful.

The garden was added to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ohori park in 1984.

They had a large pond area with many big koi.

The trees had started changing and were beautiful.

One of the many little streams running through the garden.

There were guys in the garden trimming up the trees. They would hand pull out the needles on the trees. This is before...

Here's the after. They spent forever going through and hand picking the needles out.

This is the caslte ruins...That's about all there is left, the wall around where the castle was. Up top is just park area and trees.