This is the pretty Oribe lantern that we picked out.

Some of the cute little figurines that they sell in addition to the nice lanterns. The owners daughter makes all the cute little things.

Jonathan measuring to see if this latern is the same size as another one we were looking at. He knows his hand spread pinky to thumb is 9"!

Bringing in the forklift to move the latern. We thought that we would have to come back to get another one but they dug that one up on the spot!

Trying to figure out how to get it out.

The lantern is in 5 pieces and this is just the second one.

Piece number 3

Piece number 4

The base...number 5.

It's so big that they had to kind of roll/flip it out of the spot end over end.

Ok it's ready to go...now what.

They even washed off the base for us!

Some of their other lanterns and a neat lighthouse they have.

Is it really going to fit?

The name of the shop.

Some more of the cute little things that the daughter makes. She is one of only a few women stone crafters in Japan!

Home with it all in there...somehow. I had to drive around for ~2 weeks with the base in my car because it weighed about 250 pounds!