Time was drawing close now that we were packing up our house.  Although we were moving out of our house we still had 2 more weeks to stay in Japan because my assignment was extended.  Actually, officially, my assignment was over, but I started a Japan business trip with TMMK on December 1, 2007 so we had to move out.  Anyway, we loved our house while we were in Japan and have many fond memories of it as well as all of our friends who came to visit during our 15.5 months (in our house).

Boxes and boxes ...

everywhere and it was only day 1.

Possibly the only picture of Jonathan in Japan giving Japanese picture props ... the peace symbol!

Yep, Jonathan on the computer and eating lunch.

Day 2 and everything is nearly boxed up.

Jonathan packing the computer equipment ...

what used to be our bedroom ...

The 2 moving trucks to get all of our belongings.

Everything we would need to live for 2 weeks in Japan and until our air shipment arrived with our other clothes in the U.S.