Well, we stayed in a hotel for 3 nights and then in a Japanese efficiency, known to the Japanese as we weekly mansion!  Well, it wasn't a mansion, but is was nice and comfortable for 2 weeks.  I think we would have stayed in small boxes because we knew that at the end of 2 weeks we were getting on a plane and going home!  The one good thing about the weekly mansion location was it was located about 5 minutes from my work so it was really nice ... in that respect.

Our hotel bed was very nice!

The rest of our hotel room.

The entraceway to our weekly mansion!

Ashley cooking tuna casserole ... mmm, I love it!

Our washing machine.

Our bathroom.

Our living room, bedroom, and office!

A picture taken from the balcony looking back through the weekly mansion!

Would you look at that ... Jonathan on the computer again!

The view from our balcony.