Our supplies.

The colors we had to choose from for the background.

Sample shapes and ideas.

Of course I chose to do purple.

Noriko and Daiichiro working hard on their cellphone charms.

The teacher watching to make sure he didn't cook it for too long.

Right out of the oven.

After a couple of minutes it cooled down and changed color more to what it would look like.

Noriko's drying getting ready to get heated.

Daiichiro's is all ready to get dried and heated.

Noriko's is out.

Noriko's pretty N and flower.

Daiichiro's D right out of the oven.

All three pretty phone charms.

Another wonderful memory together before I left!

A professional Shipo artist working on putting the copper wire on the plaques before the paint goes on.

She was adding the color to make this beautiful vase. This is before the colors get heated on.

The different steps in the process of making Shipo.