Mother and Daughter

Getting the dress on. It took a while and several people to get it all laced up.

Getting the shoes on.

Amanda, the Matron of Honor

Julie, the Maid of Honor



Me with all the Girls

My Mom

My Dad

The proud parents

Grammy and Kenny


The Ring

My Great Grandma

My Favorite Aunt in the whole world, Terri.

The Three Mustketeers...

...or maybe Stooges?

Four generations of wonderful women.

It's Hot!

Janie and Donnie

Jonathan's Mom, Leesa

The Guys

Look at all those handsome men.

Jonathan with his 'Little' Brother David the Best Man.



The Guys being silly...please don't drop him!

Mother and Son

Father and Son


The whole Gagel Clan

This is before the wedding. We didn't see each other before I walked down the aisle.

We planned this so that we could have a picture together before the wedding but still not see each other.

Sean played the trumpet for us.

Little Julia

Amy handing out the programs

Sean warming up

Matt and Catherine

Jonathan being Jonathan

Here we come from the changing room up to the front of the church to wait to go in.

Putting on the garter

Trying to get comfortable without wrinkling dresses. We had to wait out there for a while.

Almost time...there are a lot of people in there!

Lighting the Mother's candle

Going up to light her candle

Stephen Singing "How Beautiful"

Jonathan watching David sing "I Will Be Here"

Here we go!

Lighting the stubborn Unity Candle

David and Amy singing "The Prayer"


"Now introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Ashley Lloyd" Huh?

Oh well it made for a good laugh.

Yay! We're married!!

Watching Jonathan be silly with the Girls.

Us and Brother Tom

Our Marriage license

Jonathan's Family

Mom's Family

Dad's Family

Our favorite picture of us.

This is a picture of everyone involved in the wedding, basically evreyone at the rehersal dinner.

Leaving the Church

Trying to find the tiny little buttons for the bustle.


I had made for his Groom cake a 3D of Yankees Stadium, complete with a score of Yankees 6, Red Sox 0.

Proof that we got to get food.

Jonathan being silly with Kory.

David and Amy being silly as always.

Matt and Cetherine

Rich and Crystal

One of our engagement pictures with a large mat around it for the guests to sign.

The cake

He pretended like he was going to shove it in my face. This was the only bite of cake I got that day.

Posing for cutting the cake.

He had no idea that I had planned this, it was a good surprise.

David making his toast.

Stephen making a tost.

Julie making a toast.

Toasting with our sparkling cider.

It was 3 guys and a bunch of kids...

So the other 2 guys held the kids back so that David could catch the garter.

I wanted to throw it high and far instead of just the front, but the wall got in the way.

My Best Friend from childhood. We hadn't seen each other in a long time!

Our first dance.

Mother, Son...

...and Father, Daughter dance.

The electric slide.

Not real sure about that one.

They look like they are up to something.

I like dancing.

This is Jonathan's favorite picture of me. He turned it black and white then colored in the flowers.

My favorite picture of Jonathan. Coloring in his flower didn't stand out as well as my bouquet did.